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Where do I even begin??

Most of my childhood is a blur if I am being honest with you. Most of my memories, or at least what I have left of them, consist of moving cities and schools about 7 times. It is safe to say my social life was much like a speed dating simulator minus the chicks. I never was much of a ladies man and could honestly say I used to be extremely self conscious. One random thought that always pops into my head now and then was from around the time I was 8, I had a birthday party and got the flu that same day. My cake was an ice cream cake from dairy queen, fudge chocolate and vanilla with candy blue whales all over it. Those damn 10 cent blue whales were to die for. I managed to muster up the courage to go out and eat some cake with my friends and chundie'd absolutely everywhere. Chundy is Canadian slang for throwing up if you didn’t know.

Anyways enough of the reminiscing.


What I was lacking in my social life, I made up for in mistakes. Big mistakes.

When I ended up in Alberta I finally found a place to chill out with my parents, finally I thought things were going to get better, no more getting the sh*t kicked out of me at school, no more enemies, brand new friends, and I was going to be here for what seemed like for ever!!

Well as you might already know by now things definitely did not get better.

I ended up with the wrong group of friends, on the wrong side of the tracks. There was drugs, underaged drinking, parties. And I even ran into trouble with the police and got brought down to the station for destroying someone’s camper/RV while trying to film our own jackass film.

I do however owe it to that period in my life for getting me started in music. Eminem was my idol, 50 cent was someone I would bop to constantly, and I found my favorite independent artist Hopsin. I started writing extremely edgy lyrics and my mom ripped them all up when she found out how much of an a**hole I was being and how many drugs I was doing. I did have a beat pad at that time though as well but gave up because I could not figure it out.

So, there I was, a hellion of a child separated from my friends because of police order, angry parents, no hope left in site, and almost the whole school was against me. This all furthered my hate for society and the school system, and I felt alone. Word on the street was my new nickname. grody or greasy or what ever else they could throw at me. I said f**k it I’m going to graduate a year early and get out of school because I don’t want to see these pr*cks anymore.

Fast forward to graduation when I graduated with a class full of strangers and a had a group of friends 2-3 grades ahead of me, I got back into music cause that passion was always burning inside me. I passed school with high grades, I proved the others wrong, went on to complete my plumbing course, and bought back that beat machine and showed it who’s f**king boss

I have lived a pretty normal life up until recently. Regular job, drinking beer after work. Struggling with my emotions, struggling to find a partner, and even falling into a mass depression state after isolating my self from the friends I had gained in the final moments of high school.

 I always did have the support of my close friends but ended up in a state where I felt like I didn’t have much at all. I honestly always kind of hated my job too. I got into a position doing something because it made my parents proud, and When I look back at it now, I should have just taken a moment to figure out where the hell I was going. But at the same time, I wouldn’t be here now if it weren’t for that.

Que the grad life!!!!

Weekend binge drinking. Parties any time you’re not working. And spending racks on racks on racks at bars and casinos. I was living life like Steve O on a Wednesday night, and that’s pretty tame. I have had my fair share of fights, stupid stunts, car accidents, awkward dates, and losses…

As I write this short life story, I have currently lost more friends to suicide than I can count on 2 hands. Its unfortunate but there’s a lot of that going on these days, I can’t help but to just be hopeful that the people I come across will live fulfilling life’s, and keep on pushing no matter how hard life may get.

On my life journey I’ve met some pretty inspirational people, and somewhere along the way I started switching my mindset from the nasty and negative, to a more positive and optimistic one. I'm now currently 4 years into my music career and I’m trading stocks, learning advertising, and anything that is going to benefit me in my life.

Now this brings us to why you’re here, to find out my why.

I have always been drawn to the starlight and entertainment has been a passion of mine my whole life. It all started with me recording tech deck videos on YouTube as a kid, and then shooting nerf guns in my underwear and a cowboy hat yelling “IM A COWBOY IM A COWBOY”

I want to do it all. Music, Podcasts, Acting, YouTube, Twitch, you name it! And what’s my motivation you ask? I’ve always wanted to make people smile in life. I have always wanted to help people as well and ease any pain someone might have in life. When others would be mad I was always smiling, hence why my 4th grade teacher almost suspended me for smiling too much in class ( I know what the f**k right??)  My core belief is that all humans deserve to be happy, and I believe that is one of the main fundamentals to a good life. happiness.

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