New Website New Me

Hello there!! so we finally f***ing did it I guess. Came from people telling me that I was never going to make things happen with my music career to building a website and mastering my skills. It's been a long road up till this point with plenty subtle steps, but as you climb that staircase the steps get bigger and bigger and bigger. Eventually things that would take a whole year cut down into months, then weeks, then days.

It really is a process and I've come to find you just have to trust it. the mindset is a huge part of it too, I honestly don't think I would be standing where I am today if it wasn't for one of my childhood friends pulling me into the self development game. It took many days of break downs, mental shifts, tons of negative emotions and thoughts, and a hell of a lot of will power.

This is the first blog post of many, but I would like to say thank you to each and every fan, as well as welcome each and every one of you to this journey.

Till next time my friend

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