Audio Services

Are you in need of audio services?? Do you need a beat? Or help with mixing and mastering? Maybe you need help bringing an idea to life?

Look no further.


Beast Brodey is teaming up with Dr. Dean!


We are combining our 22+ years of combined audio knowledge and equipment + plugins and sounds, to offer our services at a quality level without the giant price tag! 


Our mastering services will ensure you have a loud finished product that sounds great to the ears, and the soul


With Brodey's 7+ years of experience in making instrumentals and full songs through software, and Dr. Deans 15+ years of experience in the rock sector. we can ensure you get a great instrumental, beat, or added instruments!!!

Live Recording

If you live in the Calgary Alberta area or are stopping by, We can come Live record your performance, show, or practice!


Our mixing services will ensure you have a breathable track with the proper sound levels and placement on each element.

most importantly, we will make sure there's a feeling and vibe!!

Care Package

If you have multiple things you need done or need help with we can put together a custom package to fit all your needs! no job is too big or too small!!

Podcast And Other Services

As an audio company we will not limit our self's to just music. we can take on podcast audio, television audio, political speeches, and a wide array of tasks. 

just send us a message and tell us what you need!


Hit the message button in the bottom right and we will be in contact!!

What Our Clients Say

Man Looking at Fog

Bullfrog Six, Rapper

I really appreciate the help Brodey! the beat is really amazing and everything you put into it. My family and I really enjoyed the beat you made and I can’t wait to work with you more. Awesome job keep up the great work I 100% recommend Beast Brodey for beats and other things.